3 program options are available:

1/2 day program     9 - Noon

Full Day program    9- 3

3 day program (Tues,Wed,Thurs)  9 - Noon

    9:00  ~ children choose activities they have had a   
    previous lesson on                                                
            ~ Children invite a pal to join them for snack
           ~  individual lessons are given
           ~  individual jobs such as feeding classroom pets

    11:0o ~ circle time ~ group lessons are given,
    Spanish, music, poem,  jobs such as calendar and

    11:15 ~  Outside play time  

    12:00 ~Circle/story time,  Adios to 1/2 day pals

    12:00 ~ Lunch for full day children

    1:00  ~  penmanship and spelling

    1:30 ~  extensions of morning lessons and
    enrichment, educational games, stitchery, crafts,
    art, working with a friend on creative projects.  

    2:00 ~  Clean up

    2:15  ~  outside time, working in the garden,
    collecting eggs, feeding animals and playing with

    2:50 ~ wash up, circle

    3:00 ~ dismissal

Nature's Child Montessori enrolls children 3 years old and toilet trained  to about 6-7 years old.  Montessori tends to go by the child                  
rather than a grade level label.  Children are at different levels of abilities in different areas.  
Maria Montessori's idea of the integrated age classroom shows the effects on learning and caring in the classroom.  Older children
learn leadership skills and younger children learn quickly from the modeling and observation of  older children.   
Caring for our environment, cleaning up after ourselves, learning good manners and how to work with others with respect is also                     
part of our learning world.