About Us
About Us

Dr. Maria Montessori ~ (1870~1950)  
An Italian physician and educator who proposed
a                    method of teaching young children that  
stresses the              development of initiative and natural
She believed that each child is born with a unique                   
potential to be revealed, rather than a "blank  slate"
to be written upon.

           ~De Anna Williams~
has been a Montessori teacher since 1990.   She has            
always been a child of nature and has an appreciation
for and curiosity regarding all living things.

Her passion for teaching comes from a desire to                    
encourage the development of strong confident children     
with a love of learning and an attitude of caring for the      
world we live in.

In 1998  Ms. Williams decided to combine her          
country home with her love of teaching.  The birth
of Nature's Child Montessori has brought a
wonderful richness to the lives of  many children
and their  families  in this small community  .